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Mythbusters Take on the Moon Landing Hoax

Did NASA pull off the biggest hoax in history by faking the first Apollo 11 moon landing? Perhaps. But Mythbusters is there to find the real answer - and you’ll be astounded to find out the real story.

Using the common clues that conspiracy theorists offer as their evidence, Mythbusters’ Jamie, Adam and their crew find out if the moon landing was really a hoax. See the teaser trailer and some video clips below.

Michael Phelps is a Sore Winner

This obvious spoof of Michael Phelps’ win at the 2008 Beijin Olympics gives us all another reason to love the olympic games. Phelps, whose mother is a school principal, has won eight olympic gold medals — more than any other olympian.

Of course, this video pokes fun at the 1/100th of a second loss that Serbia’s Milorad Cavic suffered. Some of the footage is real. Other footage is obviously spliced. It’s quite funny, really.

Driving Under the Influence on GTA IV

It may not be kosher in the real world, but that makes it a perfect candidate for a DUI on GTA IV. Kotaku Editor Owen Good took a run at the Grand Theft Auto wheels while under the influence. See what transpires in this video:

Crow Finds an Ingenious Way to Crack a Nut

Sir David Attenburough Narrates this video, which depicts the advanced aptitude of crows in cracking a nut. And they say you can’t teach an old bird new tricks…

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Girl Takes Bath in Mac & Cheese

When we were kids, we loved mac-and-cheese.

We loved it then, and we love it now:

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Exploding Windmill - Denmark

Who wants to see a video of an exploding windmill? I know I do. You can thank the excellent windmill producer, Vestas, for this mishap. The tower is 60 metres high (that’s ’bout 200 feet in American measurements), and it exploded in the town of Ã…rhus, Denmark.

The wind speed was about 60 metres/second. Find out more, here.

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JTColfax Discovers a Drain in his Backyard

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