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World Record Speed on a Mountain Bike

Here is Eric Barone, pummeling down the Cerro Negro volcano of Nicaragua to show it all what it means to go fast on a mountain bike. Ultimately, the speed was so intense, that his bike snapped in two as Barone was pummeled across the jaged volcanic pumice.

Driving Under the Influence on GTA IV

It may not be kosher in the real world, but that makes it a perfect candidate for a DUI on GTA IV. Kotaku Editor Owen Good took a run at the Grand Theft Auto wheels while under the influence. See what transpires in this video:

Exploding Windmill - Denmark

Who wants to see a video of an exploding windmill? I know I do. You can thank the excellent windmill producer, Vestas, for this mishap. The tower is 60 metres high (that’s ’bout 200 feet in American measurements), and it exploded in the town of Ã…rhus, Denmark.

The wind speed was about 60 metres/second. Find out more, here.

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