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Four Funny Banned Commercials

These commercials, hailing from various countries and advertisers, represent a nice little slice of commercial hilarity. And, if they had not been banned, probably would have achieved great success on the Telly. Unfortunately, these ads were banned, and the only record of their existence rests in their appearance on YouTube. All hail the Internet for allowing us to enjoy banned commercials when we want, how we want.

Laugh at will:

Two Guys Pretend to Make Out on CNN

Here’s a bit-of-a-laugh-in-dire-circumstances clip coming from CNN.  On Monday, Lehman declared bankruptcy and the Cable News Network was on the scene to record the financial woes.  Little did Allen Chernoff know that two men were “consoling” each other behind him.

Below is the clip of the men on CNN making out - obviously we’re here to laugh in hard economic times… simply because we can.

Michael Phelps is a Sore Winner

This obvious spoof of Michael Phelps’ win at the 2008 Beijin Olympics gives us all another reason to love the olympic games. Phelps, whose mother is a school principal, has won eight olympic gold medals — more than any other olympian.

Of course, this video pokes fun at the 1/100th of a second loss that Serbia’s Milorad Cavic suffered. Some of the footage is real. Other footage is obviously spliced. It’s quite funny, really.

Driving Under the Influence on GTA IV

It may not be kosher in the real world, but that makes it a perfect candidate for a DUI on GTA IV. Kotaku Editor Owen Good took a run at the Grand Theft Auto wheels while under the influence. See what transpires in this video:

JTColfax Discovers a Drain in his Backyard

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