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How to Make Instant Hot Ice

Witness the incredible science behind exothermic reactions!  You’ll be dazzled by the properties of Sodium Acetate. Simply order a pouch, pour into near-boiling water, dissolve, cool, and have fun.

In this video, you’ll see the experiment in action as an anonymous hand touches a cube filled with Sodium Acetate liquid, as the fingertip touches the liquid it instantly turns to ice.

Global Air Traffic in 24 Hours

This clip of global airplane traffic astonishingly displays the awe-inspiring mass movement of planes across the Earth over a 24-hour time period. Each plane is represented by a small yellow dot, which paints its own path across the sky as it travels over contintents, borders, and countries. In fact, I think I just spotted a CIA extraordinary rendition plan making its way from Afghanistan!

[via: longitube]

Musical Road in Lancaster, California

The ridges in this road in Lancaster, CA make the vibrating sounds of the tires emit different wavelengths of sound. The resulting melee includes a musical riff.

It actually sounds pretty soothing…

Videos of Things in Slow Motion

Here’s a great compilation of slow motion clips from various sources. The short excerpts include golfballs going through cantaloupe, bullets in water bottles, hands punching water balloons, and more.  You’ll find the incredible slow-speed action occuring on these clips to be awe-inspiring. I know I’ve never seen anything quite like it before!

Mythbusters Take on the Moon Landing Hoax

Did NASA pull off the biggest hoax in history by faking the first Apollo 11 moon landing? Perhaps. But Mythbusters is there to find the real answer - and you’ll be astounded to find out the real story.

Using the common clues that conspiracy theorists offer as their evidence, Mythbusters’ Jamie, Adam and their crew find out if the moon landing was really a hoax. See the teaser trailer and some video clips below.

JTColfax Discovers a Drain in his Backyard

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