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World Record Speed on a Mountain Bike

Here is Eric Barone, pummeling down the Cerro Negro volcano of Nicaragua to show it all what it means to go fast on a mountain bike. Ultimately, the speed was so intense, that his bike snapped in two as Barone was pummeled across the jaged volcanic pumice.

Michael Phelps is a Sore Winner

This obvious spoof of Michael Phelps’ win at the 2008 Beijin Olympics gives us all another reason to love the olympic games. Phelps, whose mother is a school principal, has won eight olympic gold medals — more than any other olympian.

Of course, this video pokes fun at the 1/100th of a second loss that Serbia’s Milorad Cavic suffered. Some of the footage is real. Other footage is obviously spliced. It’s quite funny, really.

JTColfax Discovers a Drain in his Backyard

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