The Hottest and Most Controversial Videos on the Web.

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Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Profile Video

She’s out of jail and ready to rock… your world. Lindsay Lohan’s parody video of an eHarmony commercial is actually quite funny. I still wouldn’t be her match. I’m just saying… she’s not lookin like a skeleton any more.

Four Funny Banned Commercials

These commercials, hailing from various countries and advertisers, represent a nice little slice of commercial hilarity. And, if they had not been banned, probably would have achieved great success on the Telly. Unfortunately, these ads were banned, and the only record of their existence rests in their appearance on YouTube. All hail the Internet for allowing us to enjoy banned commercials when we want, how we want.

Laugh at will:

McCain’s “That One” Moment

On Tuesday night’s debate, John McCain and Barack Obama Squared away to face a Town Hall-style format. The second debate in the 2008 Presidential Race was largely uneventful… that was, until McCain uttered the words, “That One,” as he referred to opponent Senator Obama.

Huffington Post calls it racism, but others aren’t so sure.  Some theorize that McCain simply had a senior moment and forgot his opponent’s name (which I consider highly unlikely, considering that he’s probably said it 10,000 times in the last week).

In any case, McCain’s “That One” moment is captured here, on tape. Enjoy.

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How to Make Instant Hot Ice

Witness the incredible science behind exothermic reactions!  You’ll be dazzled by the properties of Sodium Acetate. Simply order a pouch, pour into near-boiling water, dissolve, cool, and have fun.

In this video, you’ll see the experiment in action as an anonymous hand touches a cube filled with Sodium Acetate liquid, as the fingertip touches the liquid it instantly turns to ice.

Global Air Traffic in 24 Hours

This clip of global airplane traffic astonishingly displays the awe-inspiring mass movement of planes across the Earth over a 24-hour time period. Each plane is represented by a small yellow dot, which paints its own path across the sky as it travels over contintents, borders, and countries. In fact, I think I just spotted a CIA extraordinary rendition plan making its way from Afghanistan!

[via: longitube]

Musical Road in Lancaster, California

The ridges in this road in Lancaster, CA make the vibrating sounds of the tires emit different wavelengths of sound. The resulting melee includes a musical riff.

It actually sounds pretty soothing…

Videos of Things in Slow Motion

Here’s a great compilation of slow motion clips from various sources. The short excerpts include golfballs going through cantaloupe, bullets in water bottles, hands punching water balloons, and more.  You’ll find the incredible slow-speed action occuring on these clips to be awe-inspiring. I know I’ve never seen anything quite like it before!

Two Guys Pretend to Make Out on CNN

Here’s a bit-of-a-laugh-in-dire-circumstances clip coming from CNN.  On Monday, Lehman declared bankruptcy and the Cable News Network was on the scene to record the financial woes.  Little did Allen Chernoff know that two men were “consoling” each other behind him.

Below is the clip of the men on CNN making out - obviously we’re here to laugh in hard economic times… simply because we can.

Obama Responds to Lipstick-gate Attack

Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, responded to the McCain attacks for Senator Obama’s quip in regards to McCain’s economic policy. Obama originally joked about McCain’s economic plan by saying “You can put the lipstick on a pig, but it’s still going to be a pig.” McCain’s campaign asserted that this comment was directed at the State of Alaska.

Obama responded in this video, below.

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World Record Speed on a Mountain Bike

Here is Eric Barone, pummeling down the Cerro Negro volcano of Nicaragua to show it all what it means to go fast on a mountain bike. Ultimately, the speed was so intense, that his bike snapped in two as Barone was pummeled across the jaged volcanic pumice.